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Fred Wein

Director of Music
901.754.8587    ext. 8150

 Mr. Wein has been our Choir Director for the 8:30 and 11:00am worship times at Covenant for 19 years!  He earned a Bachelors degree in Music Education and a Masters degree in School Administration at the University of Memphis.  He is the Choir Director at Cordova Middle School  and has been a School Music Teacher for 28 years.  He teaches guitar and voice lessons as a part time job.  He is a Memphis native and lives here with his wife Janice, daughters Anna and Katie Beth, and son Chris.  His favorite pastime is fishing! 

In addition to the choir, most Sunday services include a small orchestra of strings and brass.  On special occasions such as Christmas and Easter, a full-orchestra performs.  The music program also features a "Praise Team" with singers and guitar players.  Children's choir groups perform on various occasions, and youth are encouraged to participate in the choir and orchestra.

Fred believes that music can serve as a strong earthly connection to God through its appropriate incorporation into church worship services.  Music performance in church worship services enhances one's spiritual closeness to God.   He invites anyone with an interest in music, who enjoys singing or playing an instrument, to participate in the church's music programs.


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