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Humble Beginnings

The formation of Covenant United Methodist Church first began in 1978 when six individuals met with officials from Germantown United Methodist Church to begin planning for a church in the burgeoning Cordova area.
In January of 1979, with approximately twenty people in attendance, Covenant’s first worship service was held in a classroom in Auburndale School. 
Dr. Wright Pillow begin serving as the first pastor of Covenant Church in June of 1979. In 1981 the first worship service was held in our own multi-purpose building (now known as The Promise Land) and Covenant Church finally had a place to call home. Rearrangement of pews and furniture became a constant as Covenant only had this one building to use for its many activities.


While Covenant has experienced many miracles in the past, one particular Sunday became known as “Miracle Sunday” when it was announced that the congregation had met its goal of raising $20,000 to be used for feasibility planning for a new sanctuary. The plan became a reality, and in December 1995 worship services were moved to the sanctuary we find ourselves in today.

Smith Covenant Center

Opened in February 2002, the Smith Covenant Center houses many of our recreational and leisure ministries. This versatile facility is home to a wide variety of activities including a walking track, yoga classes, pickle ball games, senior aerobic classes and several league sports and outreach programs such as Covenant Quilters and the home for over 100 Boy and Cub Scouts.
The Lord has truly blessed Covenant in many ways, from the beautiful buildings we now call home, to the many ministries that provide opportunities for spiritual growth.
  • Covenant
  • Sanctuary before pews are installed - 1995
  • Education & Recreation Center - 2002


Our Mission Statement

We're here to help you connect with Christ and others. Three words tell three primary ways we seek to do that: Celebrate, Unite and Motivate.

Celebrate the Gospel:
Jesus embodied the grace of God as God's loving embrace. Through Christ's self-giving, we connect with God in a way that gives us a new lease on life now and assurance for eternity. That's the good news...the gospel!

Unite People with Christ:
Being connected with Christ means connecting with others too. Genuine Christian community is about caring, growing and sharing a whole new approach to God intended. Jesus sets the agenda. We become his students, his companions, and together we grow in grace. Our Nurture ministries are about becoming authentic Christian disciples. Here's what's happening inside our four walls [...more]

Motivate to Serve:
Connecting with Christ and each other leads us into the world to make it a better imitating Christ, the self-giving, serving One who is our inspiration. Christ's coming into the world becomes our going into the world in his name.

Our Core Values

  • Being Christ-centered disciples with bold faith and faithfulness.
  • Inviting all people into our church as home.
  • Embracing all people as an open, welcoming, caring community.
  • Offering spiritually vibrant, diverse, celebrative worship experiences.
  • Focusing on Spiritual Formation through small groups for all ages.
  • Reaching people who are not yet connected or committed to Christ.
  • Expressing the gospel through Christian service in ever widening circles.
  • Preserving our rich heritage of Wesleyan Distinctiveness.
  • Striving for excellence in every area of our ministry.

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