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Living Sword Karate

Karate is a system of self defense utilizing unarmed techniques such as punching, kicking, and blocking.  At Living Sword Karate, karate is a fun physical activity that teaches you how to be confident, think on your feet, and reach new and higher goals each time you train.  Karate has also become a sport, a career and a method for overall self improvement.


Geoff Nelson is the chief instructor for Living Sword Karate.  Geoff has a BS in Psychology and BA in Sociology.  He continues his training at Germantown Martial Arts in Karate and studies Hapkido with Mr. Rod Ratliff in Collierville.  He also teaches the Scuba Rangers youth program at The Dive Shop and along with his wife, owns a website and graphic design business.

Kristen Nelson is the owner and chief examiner of Living Sword Karate.  Kristin assists with and teaches youth and adult karate classes.  She also teaches community self defense classes.  Kristin is a PhD candidate in British Women's History and Adjunct Professor of History at the University of Memphis.

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