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Covenant Methodist Preschool & Parent's Day Out

Since 1990, children have been coming to Covenant's small, cozy program to learn, laugh and be loved.  Our Pre-Kindergarten curriculum is designed to help give each child a social and academic foundation for each age level which ultimately prepares them for entering Kindergarten.  We begin by accepting children as young as six weeks in the infant room!  In addition to the curriculum, Covenant's music program is "above and beyond" the average music class offered for 1 - 4 year olds.  Two playgrounds and a gym are available for exercise and play time.  Experienced, loving teachers pull it all together for days full of learning, laughter and love.
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Director Marcy DeStefanis
Phone: (901) 755-1775     Fax: (901) 756-9818
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Months, Day Options & Time              Tuition & Fees

August - May                                                                   Registration Fee:  $55 1 child
Day Options                                                                   $80 Family (2 or more children)
Wednesday OR Tuesday/Thursday            Fall 2016 Tuition - $195 if paying by semester

a.m. - 2:30 p.m.                                                                                      $200 if paying monthly

Wednesday Only - Bablies, 1's & 2's                                                          Activity Fees - $15  Baby Room 
(not available for 3s & 4s) $120/month                                                       $35  One & Two Year old rooms
                                                                                                                             $55  Three & Four old rooms

                                                                                          *5% Dischount ($10) on monthly tuition to all
                                                                                           first responders (police & firefighters)
                                                                                           and military families


Covenant Preschool/PDO offers children:

  • Age appropriate teaching (Pre-K curriculum) in each classroom plus Kindergarten prep
  • Affordable Tuition; Low teacher/child ratio
  • Music class for 1's through 4's / Christmas Program for 2's, 3's and 4's / Spring Program for 2's and 3's / Graduation for 4's.
  • Holiday Class Parties; Two playgrounds and a large gym available for play
  • Daily Crafts / Lessons to teach and reinforce the curriculum / Alphabet snacks to reinforce letters and phonics
  • Star of the Week / Special memory making days such as Grandparents Day, PJ and Pizza Day, Muffins with Mom, USA Day, Terrific time with Dad, Teddy Bear Day
    Hat Day, Kite Day, Western Day, Space Day and many more!
  • Special visitors such as the Fire Dept, McGruff the Crime Dog, Karate Instructor, Dentist, Pilot, 911 Lady and more!


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