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Project 20/20

Discarded eyeglasses and sunglasses can be transformed into a miracle for the poor.  You can be part of that miracle.

Project 20/20 is a non-profit human service program of the Memphis Conference of the United Methodist Church to support volunteer medical teams providing humanitarian aid and vision care worldwide.  Since its beginning in 1993, Project 20/20 has helped over 100 medical teams improve or protect the vision of more than 30,000 persons across four continents.  The mission of Project 20/20 is to prevent blindness and improve vision among the poor in underdeveloped ares of the world.

Lay volunteers (non-optometrists) screen donated eyeglasses through five simple steps and analyze prescriptions with automatic equipment. The eyeglasses and sunglasses are then packaged for free distribution to the poor by vision care teams serving in areas of the world that cannot provide eye care to those in need. 


Bring your old prescription glasses and sunglasses and drop them in the designated Project 20/20 collection boxes around Covenant Church!  We will collect these items all year and we will send them to Project 20/20 every three months.  For more information about Project 20/20 you can log on to   

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