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The congregation of Covenant is blessed to be celebrating 34 years in the Cordova Community. 

Our recreation and league ministries have been led by some awesome volunteers in the past which gave us the foundation for the growth we are now experiencing.  We started with green space and borrowed gyms.  After many years of growth and sacrifice, we opened the Smith Covenant Center in February of 2003.  We opened the facility only to have to close it down after a storm in July of 2003 in which we lost part of the gym roof and the entire gym floor.  We reopened the facility just in time for basketball season and we have been overflowing and overjoyed with all the events and groups using the facility.

Our facility is not just about sports.  Our facility is a way in which we can reach out to our community and invite families into God's house and share His love.  We try to accomplish this through various programs, fitness classes, exercise programs, events and church programs.

We hope that you feel drawn to Covenant and that we can be of service to you.  If you have any questions please call our Director of Recreation Ministries, Janet Miller at 901-754-8587 or email her at

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